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Airbnb offering ESCAPE STIPENDS for SanFran employees

Everyone seems to be looking for places to escape these days, but Airbnb will actually give you a stipend to help you do it if you live in the company’s home city of San Francisco. The company has responded to COVID-19 by promoting its services and hosts as a great way for people to experience “living like a local” in new areas of the country. Now, it is offering employees based in San Francisco a stipend to do the same.

According to Airbnb data, the fastest-growing locations for long-term stays are extremely isolated, such as Western Maine and Whitefish Montana. Airbnb has long offered employees $500 per quarter to travel to any Airbnb listing in the world, but the new stipend includes an additional $500 on their normal paychecks for “home office equipment” or “ergonomic equipment” and came with an extension of remote work until August 2021. The company also laid off about 25 percent of its workforce in May. 

“We are offering this remote working extension to give employees the ability to plan further ahead and make the choices they need around school calendars, being closer to family, caring for vulnerable family members, and other personal decisions,” the company explained on its blog. The extension makes Airbnb the company with the longest remote-work policy, beating Facebook’s July 2021 policy by a full month. 

Would you move to a more isolated location right now? Would you stay permanently?

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